1. Untitle Democracy


Thank you for choosing Typora. This document will help you to start Typora.


Live Preview

Typora use the feature: Live Preview, meaning that you could see these inline styles after you finish typing, and see block styles when you type or after you press Enter key or focus to another paragraph. Just try to type some markdown in typora, and you would see how it works.

Note: Markdown tags for inline styles, such as ** will be hidden or displayed smartly. Markdown tags for block level styles, such as ### or - [x] will be hidden once the block is rendered.

Markdown For Typora

Typora is using GitHub Flavored Markdown, For more detail, please open Markdown Reference.

To see full markdown Syntax references and extra usage, please check Help->Markdown Reference in menu bar.

Governance Process


  1. hello world

    1. To launch typora from Terminal, you could add

      bash alias typora="open -a typora"